Looking at buying solar, but not sure of what questions you should be asking. Excel Solar have come up with their top questions you should be asking.

Q1. How long have you been in business?
A1. Our sister company Excel Power has been in business since 1993, and Excel Solar since 2008.

Q2. Are you local to the regional downs area?
A2. Yes, both Excel Power and Excel Solar are local companies. We currently employ eighteen staff here in the Toowoomba and Darling Downs region.

Q3. Do you have an accreditation to do Solar PV electrical installations?
A3. Yes, Excel Solar has a Clean Energy Accreditation – A4272389 and an Electrical Contractors license – 69582.

Q4. Do you use subcontractors or is any work subcontracted out?
A4. No, Excel Solar employs all of its own staff memebers – we do not subcontract any works. All staff members are salary or wage earners and no agents or commissions are paid. You deal with us directly for the full process.

Q5. How do you ensure warranty is held within Australia if things go wrong?
A5. Excel Solar only uses brands which are warranted in Australia and purchased from Australian Solar Distributors. Your point of call is with us. All products are name brands that we sell and aren’t rebadges of panels and inverters. In the event of a problem, warranty is on Australian soil, not overseas. Excel Solar has also taken the next step and become a warranty agent to all brands that we sell, as well as other well known brands.

Q6. In the event of a warranty issue or claim do you have a procedure and what is it?
A6. Yes, Excel Solar does have a warranty procedure applicable to all brands that we sell. Once Excel Solar has been notified of an issue we will make contact with the customer within 24 hours, after which, if deemed necessary a qualified technician will visit the site. While onsite, the technician will diagnose the issue and report back to the office. Depending on the brands individual warranty procedure, there are a range of responses after this point. For more information, visit our Warranty Page.

Q7. What type of quotation will I receive? Does it include a time frame, performance figures, panel and inverter warranties and specifications before I purchase or does it just have a price?
A7. Excel Solar provides a comprehensive written quotation, with everything including performance figures, time frame, panel and inverter warranties and specifications. The quotation also includes detailed pricing for your situation and budget.

Q8. How do you determine the right solar PV system for my needs?
A8. Unlike many other solar retailers, Excel Solar does not just Google Earth your house. We take the time to sit down with our clients face to face and discuss what exactly will suit their situation. We also do a number of things such as checking the switchboard for compliance, having a look at the age of the applicances around the home and analysing their latest electricity bills to determine the right solar PV system for their needs.

Q9. What is the quotation process?
A9. The basic outline for our quotation process is the following. We receive contact from the customer and speak to them over the phone to qualify them. We then organise a time that suits the customer to come out to their home and complete a site visit. During the site visit our salesman will check the switchboard, analyse the lastet electricity accounts and have a quick look at the age of your appliances. After the site visit is complete, our salesman will come back to the office and draw up the quotation.

Q10.Do you have a referral site in my area?
A10. Having completed many solar installations in and around South East Queensland, when requested, we should be able to supply you with a local reference site nearby.