Not only are Excel Solar your local solar professionals for standard grid based solar systems, we also specialise in hybrid off grid solar solutions.

Here in Australia, electricity authorities or utilities supply our electricity from power stations via supply networks called grids. These main grids provide electricity to the majority of Australian’s using large gas or coal fired power stations or large hydro generation schemes.

Recently, there have been some photovoltaic systems being introduced into remote towns such as Mt Isa and Thursday Island (which are not serviced by the main grid and have diesel or gas fired power stations) to provide electricity via a mini grid.

Excel Solar specialises in solar hybrid systems, in particular, as well as your basic off grid systems. Choosing to go with a hybrid solar system has many benefits, one of which is, should you choose to connect to the grid one day, a quick on-site setting change will turn the Selectronic SP PRO Controller into a Grid Feeding export inverter that also provides back up power.

Selectronic SP PRO Features:

  • Convert electricity stored in batteries to operate your normal electrical appliances.
  • Monitor and manage all aspects of your independent power system.
  • Ensure maximum use of any renewable energy, whilst maximising battery life and reducing generator running costs.
  • Automatic generator control, that starts the generator before the system becomes stressed.
  • Emergency bypass function that will continue to supply power when other inverters may have given up.
  • All is backed up by a piece of mind warranty of 5 to 8 years.
  • The SP PRO is a truly Australian product, which has vast experience supplying remote energy to Australia’s harsh outback.

No matter how far away from the grid you are, an SP PRO system will provide you with a smooth ultra low distortion single phase or three phase power supply. Your everyday modern appliances can be operated reliably, even large motors and pumps can be operates as the SP PRO can provide significantly more power for short periods.

One of the main costs involved with an off grid solar system is the battery back up – it is also one of the most important components. Without a reliable bank of batteries, your off grid solar system will not be able to serve its purpose and provide power during the night when needed. The batteries you will find in our hybrid solar systems are Absolyte GP. Absolyte is one of the world’s best selling large valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) battery brands. With proven field experience since 1983, resulting in more than six million Absolyte cells have been shipped as of today.

Absolyte GP Features:

  • Extended partial state of charge.
  • Deep discharge recovery.
  • Freezing tolerant.
  • Does not require separate battery room.
  • Recombination efficiency greater than 99%.
  • Globally recyclable design.
  • Single cell and stackable modules are available.
  • Simple cell replacement capability.

When it comes to remote area power systems, reliability is critical. Power loss in remote areas cannot only be inconvenient, but very costly. That is where we come in, with every remote off-grid solar power system; we make sure every installation is remotely monitored. Not only does this save time going out and regularly checking on these systems to make sure they are functioning as per normal, it saves a lot of money. Remote monitoring also gives you access to see how much your system is actually producing during working hours of the day.

How it all works?
Solar panels generate the electricity; this then feeds into a bank of specially designed batteries via a solar controller. The power can then be passed via an inverter for use with normal mains appliances.

Here at Excel Solar, we are able to design a system to work with your needs and budget. While we do have preferred/premium brands that we love and trust, we are able to source other brands to work with your budget.