Here at Excel Solar, we pride ourselves on being leaders in the Solar PV  industry.  One of the ways we do this is, we do not “Google Earth” your home or business. We site visit every customer’s home, business or organisation to ensure a quality installation and fixed price – every time.

Upon a site visit, we will talk to you about other cost energy savings you can make within your home, office or business. Excel Solar is Clean Energy Accredited and holds all electrical and contract licences for your security.

Our team is highly trained and works alongside every client from concept to completion and follow up maintenance. Our projects are completed on time, ensuring your life-style, business or organisation has minimal interruption during the process.

Sales Process:

Customer Enquiry – Customer makes contact with us via our website, phone, email or trade show.

Contact from Sales – Our sales team responds to the customers enquiry and organises a time to come out and perform a site inspection, at the clients convenience.

Quotation – After the site inspection has been completed, we will either email or mail out a copy of your quotation within a couple of days.

Quotation Acceptance – Once the client has decided to accept the quotation, we require a 10% deposit and the contract within the quote to be signed.

IES Application – Once the quotation has been accepted, we process the IES application online. These applications can take up to 6 weeks to be approved and for contracts to be sent out in the mail. Once the contracts have been received, our office is to be notified and they are to be signed and sent back.

Installation Process:

Job Scheduling – Once the quotation has been accepted, the 10% deposit has been paid and the IES Application approved, our administration staff will arrange an installation time with you within two weeks. We will try to accommodate your wishes as best as possible, however at times due to special dates and federal requirements, this cannot always be achieved. Please do work with us as we do our best to have your system installed, as stress free to all parties.

Installation – On the day of installation, the install team will typically arrive onsite at approx. 7:30am, unless advised otherwise by our office. Depending on the size of the system, the technicians should only be onsite for one day. Once the system is completely installed, the technicians will provide a full system run down.

If your installation requires the presence of the Utility being Ergon or Energex on site, we at Excel Solar will arrange this. The Utility is an entity of their own and at times can be difficult to work with or tie down exact times and dates for them to be onsite. Any delays by the Utility, as you can understand, is beyond Excel Solar’s control and could delay the solar installation. While this is not normal, it can happen, and we thank you for your patience in this instance if it happens at your home. We at Excel Solar will try to keep you informed if this is the case, as best we can.

On the last day of installation, our staff will require you the home owner or customer to sign some paperwork, please do make sure you are present so this can take place. As you can appreciate, the installation works cannot be finalised without this and the STC credit cannot be applied without your signature.

After Sales Process:

Payment – We do require full payment on the day of installation, as well as signatures on the necessary paperwork.

Form A – As a company policy, we will not process the Form A, until we have received payment in full.

When the Utility changes your meter, this can take up to six weeks, and this duration is beyond Excel Solar’s control. As their and our customer you can always call the Utility directly and speak to Customer Car, to find out your programmed date. Please do be aware that we at Excel Solar have experienced constant change of these dates.

Final Folder – Within a two week period, from the date of completion, you will also recieve from Excel Solar a digital copy of all documentation. Please do keep a copy for your records. It will include all warranty certificates and warranty procedures should you need such.

After the Installation:

In the next 12 months, you may receive a letter and or telephone call from the Federal Government, who randomly audit solar PV systems that they have provided an STC incentive towards. If you do receive one of these contact methods, please do contact Excel Solar, it isnt abnormal and we will be able to be on site should you require this at no charge, when the inspector arrives.