Is Excel Solar a fully licensed company?
You bet! What this means is we are able to perform all electrical fit-outs including the relocation and upgrade of switchboards.

What are Solar Credits?
All REC & Solar Credits that greatly contribute to the cost reduction on a PV system are applied for by us with your consent.

How can I Reduce my Energy Bill?
Excel Solar systems connect your House and the mains power grid so power you generate offsets the power you use from the grid.

How can I earn money for excess power generation?
If you generate more power than you use your energy utility will pay you approximately three times the going rate for the excess.

Is Solar power really clean electricity… will it reduce greenhouse gas emissions?
An Excel Solar 10kw system will save a consider-able amount of carbon dioxide emissions each year. This is equivalent to planting numerous trees.

How can I afford a Solar Power system?
Call Excel Solar or talk with your builder about incorporating the net cost of the system you require into your home loan. An upgradeable system can be set up in such a way that your system comes with an inverter that allows you to add extra solar panels at a later date.

Can I really make a difference with Solar Power?
Know that you are helping make a brighter future for our Children. Excel Solar systems can come with an easy to use display screen that shows how much power is being produced. Additional data logging components can also allow you to view and manipulate the complete system data so you can show everyone how the system works and is performing on a daily basis.

Can I save money with a new hot water system?
Discover… No comparison or Equal. German quality Heat Pump!

If your electric hot water system is leaking, old, or not performing efficiently, the time is right to buy an air solar heat pump, while there are generous government rebates. It provides you with piping hot water and saves you money. Read More >>